Verse is dedicated to all of the free-thinkers who admire 
freedom of expression and speech. This section is sub-divided 
into three areas of critical thinking: an arena or platform in 
which one can "disseminate information," " expound upon 
philosophies," and "pontificate upon logic and rhetoric." 

Whether you are a "Political Junky" or a Goddess with "words 
of wisdom" or if you love to hear yourself speak, then speak 
your mind. You are also free to simply peruse and comment 
on what our contributors have to express. "Verse" is the place 
to be if you have knowledge to impart.
The Arts is dedicated to all industry professionals looking for 
the exposure that is needed to help launch a successfull path 
in the artistic craft they have worked and dedicated to hone 
and perfect. Committed to Visual Arts is the section titled 
"Visual Quest"; "Atrium of Movement" is committed to Dance; 
"The Sound Den" is committed to music; "Premium Hams" is 
committed to the acting realm, and "Picture This" is 
committed to the world of photography, not at a glance. 

The Arts is ideal for the seasoned professional looking for 
another avenue of exposure, and the individual looking to 
establish themselves in the world of the arts. 

This is the perfect section to discover the next generation of 
creative innovators bringing the future and beyond to you, in 
the here and now.
Curios is a collection of everything from design, 
makeup, and hair artistry, to the unique, chic boutiques. 
This section is dedicated to spreading the word 
about the most fierce, up and coming estheticians 
who are involved in the world of "fabulous". 

This section is broken down into 3 arenas, 
"Window" - dedicated to the discrete elegant boutiques, 
shops and spas, "Design" - providing exposure 
to all interior, jewelry, and fashion designers ready 
to bring their creations to the forefront, and "Hair and 
MUA All the Way" - the next generation of hair 
and makeup artistry. 

WARNING: peruse this section at your own risk, 
because you might be knocked over by experiencing too 
much debonair and the suave in such a short 
amount of time.
For those "shake - your - head" moments, where you 
just have to ask "really? RU KIDDING?". You get the 
point, but if you don't, check out what our contributing 
writers have to say about the absolutely ridiculous and 
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If you are in performance, visual, fashion and all other areas of this amazing industry 
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This is a perfect opportunity for a seasoned veteran of the industry or an individual 
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